Luminous is a Blazing Teens Yo-Yo owned by Takashi.

Bio DataEdit

  • Product No.: YW675006
  • Product Name: Luminous
  • Product Brand: Blazing Teens 3
  • Applicable to: 8 years
  • Effective On-string Width: 33.64mm
  • Maximum Rotation Time: About 10 Minutes
  • Maximum Diameter: 54mm
  • Weight: About 65g
  • Reverse System: D-ring
  • Sphere Width: 39.86mm
  • Bearing System: KonKave Bearing
  • Sphere: Butterfly Shape, Metal Ball


Complete metal Yo-yo with high density and high rotation capacity. It is appropriate to do on-string game play. Meanwhile, the double-color oxidation process provides a special appearance.



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